(Still Under Construction)

Hi there! We're really glad you came to visit our site. Unfortunately, we still have a ton of work to do to get it 100% operational. Right now, all of us here at reaperdev have other life commitments such as jobs, school, and family. We'd like to dedicate more time to developing the business and developing for the business, but that takes away from certain fiscal responsibilities. As a startup, we don't currently have any funding outside of what we provide from our personal accounts. This limits us in a variety of ways, so we've decided to start accepting donations. Our cause? Get a business started! Our goal? Get a few people to invest a large sum, or get a lot of people to invest much smaller sums.

You may ask, "Why not use KickStarter or some other crowdsource platform?" Well, as Reaper Development is going to be focused on software and game development, most of our content is digital. Organizations such as KickStarter require us to have an Alpha (a early or pre-release) quality product already developed. As most of us work regular jobs and/or go to college full time, we don't get to dedicate much of our efforts toward getting the company going. That's where you come in. If Reaper Development can acquire enough funding to pay for resources and salaries over the course of a year, then at least two developers can be put to work full time (40+ hour weeks), and we can really kick off this company.

We're currently working to implement business class PayPal donations, but need to verify that we are in compliance with their AUP. In the meantime, you can contact us about donating via Please send any other questions or comments to the owner at

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